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#REDIRECT [[Ignore]]
{{External Module}}
An ignore module for ZNC ≥ 1.0.
== Getting the Code ==
The code for this module can be found [ here].  Please read "[[compiling modules]]" in order to build this module.
Example method of fetching the code:
$ cd ~/.znc/modules/
$ git clone
=== Installation ===
Refer to the [ README] or use the following example:
$ znc-buildmod
$ cp ~/.znc/modules/
== Usage ==
{{Module arguments|count=no}}
=== Commands ===
Commands can be found on the [ README]
==== Example Output ====
<MetaNova> help
<*ignore> +-------------------------------------+-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
<*ignore> | Command                            | Description                                                                      |
<*ignore> +-------------------------------------+-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
<*ignore> | AddHost [mMaAnNcC] <nick!user@host> | Ignore a hostmask from [m]essage, [a]ction, [n]otice, [c]tcp; uppercase = private |
<*ignore> | AddPattern [mMaAnNcC] <regex>      | Ignore text matching a regular expression                                        |
<*ignore> | Clear                              | Clear all ignore entries                                                          |
<*ignore> | Del <n>                            | Remove an ignore entry by index                                                  |
<*ignore> | Help search                        | Generate this output                                                              |
<*ignore> | List                                | Display the ignore list                                                          |
<*ignore> +-------------------------------------+-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
The required arguments for AddHost and AddPattern should be "quoted" if they contain spaces.
== To Do List ==
Taken from the [ README]:
- Ignore invites
- Ignore DCC (I'll have to take a look at how this works in the IRC protocol)

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