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This module logs your conversations to some special place on your disk.

Depending on how the log module is loaded, the logs are stored:

 global:  ~/.znc/moddata/log/$user_$network_$channel_YYYYMMDD.log
 user:    ~/.znc/users/$user/moddata/log/$network_$channel_YYYYMMDD.log
 network: ~/.znc/users/$user/networks/$network/moddata/log/$channel_YYYYMMDD.log

(Replace ~/.znc/ with your data dir if you use a non-standard one).

You can make a symlink for easier access to that location, e.g.

ln -s $HOME/.znc/users/dude/moddata/log/ $HOME/dude_irc_logs


In the znc-0.206 release this module is NOT a core module, see ZNC-Extra for more information on how to use it

In a future ZNC release, this module will mimic directory permissions set on its data directory (moddata/log, in whatever location appropriate to the mode it is running in; see above) when creating new subdirectories. However, as of 2013-08-20, umasks may interfere with it and result in less access being granted than expected (e.g. a default umask of 0022 means the maximum access granted on new subdirectories created by this module is 0755, not 0777). This is a known issue.



This user module takes up to one argument. Path where to store logs. It can contain $USER, $NETWORK and $WINDOW substitutes.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules. Load the module to start logging, unload it to stop logging. Kinda easy, eh?


This module does not support any commands.


The log module uses the "energymech" format so it can be used with pisg if so desired.

Example Config

       Logfile = "/home/znc/.znc/users/efnet/moddata/log/#znc_*.log"
       Format = "energymech"
       Network = "EFnet"
       OutputFile = "znc.html"