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This module shows your gender, avatar and custom nick colors to people in IRC who uses KVIrc.


The code for this module can be found here. Save it to kvirc.cpp and follow the Compiling modules page to compile it.



This user module takes no arguments.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.


Send commands with

 /msg *kvirc <command>


Display current configuration.

gender <male|female|bot|none>

Set your gender. Changes will be seen on next reconnect to server.

avatar <image URL>

Set your avatar to specified url, for example avatar . Just avatar without url will clear avatar.

color <foreground>,<background>

Set foreground color and background color of your nick. Just color without parameter clears color. Example: color 5,12 sets color of your nick to "brown on blue". See mIRC colors for color codes. Transparent background isn't supported yet, see ticket #812 of KVIrc.



Add basic support for nick coloring.


First version, support for gender and avatar.


Contact DarthGandalf on irc://, or DGandalf on irc:// for bug reports and suggestions.