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This module tries to get your primary nick, as specified in the ZNC config. Especially useful on IRC networks that do not have services like NickServ to reserve your name and prevent others from taking it.



This network module takes no arguments.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.


This module should work without user interaction; when you can't get your primary nick, it should try to get it for you. However, you can manually change states if necessary.

The module has two states:

  • The enabled state: the module is trying to acquire your primary nick. The module will enter this state if you connect to IRC and someone already has your nick. Your nick will be changed to your primary nick after it becomes available, and the module will enter the disabled state.
  • The disabled state: the module is not trying to acquire your primary nick. The module will enter this state if you change to your primary nick, if you intentionally change your nick from your primary nick to something else (so you can change your nick and not be forced back to your primary nick), or if you are prevented from changing nick by a channel mode or ban.
/msg *keepnick enable
Manually enters the enabled state
/msg *keepnick disable
Manually enters the disabled state
/msg *keepnick state
Tells you what state the module is in; whether the module is currently trying to change your nick or not.
Help <?search>
Shows this help, optionally search for word/phrase in help output.