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Connecting to ZNC[edit]


/network add freenode-znc
/server add -network freenode-znc -auto -tls 6697 username/freenode:password
/connect freenode-znc

Non SSL[edit]

/network add freenode-znc 
/server add -network freenode-znc -auto 6667 username/freenode:password
/connect freenode-znc


irssi does not support the server-time capability yet, so buffer playback may look ugly. There's a script you can run to get basic server-time support in irssi however, see Timestamps#irssi.


Irssi does not send unknown commands to irc server or znc so you will get an unknown command error when you try to use the /znc alias. If you want /znc to work you need to enter /alias znc msg *status.

Or, you can download placing the script in ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun and typing /script load autorun/dispatch. You will only need to enter the command once as irssi will automatically load the script next time irssi is started.

Irssi by default will create new channel windows each time znc reconnects to the irc network. After you join all your channels you can enter /layout save to have irssi reuse channel windows instead of creating new windows.