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{{Module arguments
{{Module arguments
| type = global
| count = up to three
| count = up to three
| extra = The arguments can be <code>[server] [<nowiki/>[+]port] [UserFormatString]</code>.
| extra = The arguments can be <code>[server] [<nowiki/>[+]port] [UserFormatString]</code>.

Latest revision as of 17:54, 18 June 2013

This module is intended for admins who run a shell/web/email/etc server and want to provide ZNC access to their existing users. By using this module, when your users login to ZNC - either with their IRC client or via the webadmin module - their password will be checked against your IMAP server instead of the ZNC config file.



This global module takes up to three arguments. The arguments can be [server] [[+]port] [UserFormatString].

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.

If you want to set the arguments manually use this as reference:

  • Server: should be self explanatory. It is the IMAP server to connect to when trying to authenticate an incoming user.
  • Port: is the port that your IMAP server listens on. Use a + before the port to connect using SSL.
  • UserFormatString: will format the incoming username.
    • You use a % to represent the username like so.. - This will send to your imap server when a user tries to authenticate as the user fred.
    • You can force the user to supply the full email address leaving this string blank or supplying just % by itself.

If any arguments are left blank the following defaults will be used:

  • Server: localhost
  • Port: 143 (non-SSL)
  • UserFormatString: Empty

Note: SSL must be enabled when you want the module to connect to the IMAP server using SSL.