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# Revert changes to from above
# Revert changes to from above
# git pull!!!!
# git pull!!!!
# Update version number in and version.h
# Update version number in CMakeLists.txt, and version.h
#* Example:
#* Example:
# Update <code></code> based on [[ChangeLog/git]]
# Update <code></code> based on [[ChangeLog/git]]

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  1. Check todo lists and bug trackers.
  2. Update Template:ZNC-Versions.
  3. Prepare ChangeLog/git, let everyone check it.
  4. Move ChangeLog/git and create that page again.

To release RC1

  1. Update version number in CMakeLists.txt, include/znc/version.h and, make a new branch 1.7.1 from 1.7.x, commit with message ZNC 1.7.1-rc1. (probably version.h should mention -rc1 in VERSION_STR?)
  2. Modify to have DESC="-rc1" (TODO: figure it out automatically), run ./ 1.7.1-rc1 without commiting that change.
  3. Test the tarball, publish it.
  4. Tag the last commit with znc-1.7.1-rc1 (but without annotated tag), push commit and tag to github.
  5. Set Template:ZNC-Version-Alpha to 1.7.1-rc1

Release, release, release

  1. Revert changes to from above
  2. git pull!!!!
  3. Update version number in CMakeLists.txt, and version.h
  4. Update based on ChangeLog/git
  5. Commit ("Increase the version number to 1.7.1")
  6. Create tarball ( 1.7.1)
  7. Tag the new version in git (Use the changelog as msg, first line is "ZNC 1.7.1")
    1. git tag -s znc-1.7.1 HEAD
    2. git push --tags
  8. Merge 1.7.1 to 1.7.x, delete branch 1.7.1
  9. (If minor release?) Revert changes to version.h and
  10. (If major release?) Bump version number to foo+1. (Commit msg: "Increase the version number to foo+1")
  11. Update the wiki
    1. Remove released=no from version header in Changelog.
    2. Update Template:ZNC-Version.
    3. Clear Template:ZNC-Version-Alpha.
  12. Upload the release files to
    • Accessible as /srv/ on harpy.
    • The files have to be chgrp's to user group znc!!!
    • The files themselves go directly into archive/
    • The main dir only gets symlinks
  13. Write znc-1.7.1-changelog.txt
  14. Update version number on Wikipedia.
  15. Update topic on freenode channel
  16. Update cygwin package using
  17. Update docker image using and