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(Include updating the version number on Wikipedia.)
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## The main dir only gets symlinks
## The main dir only gets symlinks
# Ping Kuja to update []
# Ping Kuja to update []
# Update version number on Wikipedia.

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Should the changelog become part of the release tarballs? Just the latest changelog or a concatenation of all changelogs?


  1. Check todo lists and bug trackers.
  2. Check whether our-of-source builds still work.
  3. Release an "-alpha1" and notice that nobody tests it.
  4. Do a "-beta1" which still no one tests.
  5. For "-rc1", we finally do some version number changes
    1. Update version number in *version.h* and ** (use VERSION-rc1 here)
    2. git add all modified files, so that picks them up.
    3. Fix to add -rc1 to VERSION_EXTRA (TODO: do it automatically)
    4. Release tarball. (./ VERSION-rc1).

Release, release, release

  1. Revert the changes from above
  2. Prepare changelog.txt based on ChangeLog/git, let everyone check it
  3. git pull!!!!
  4. Update version number in *version.h* and **
  5. Commit ("Increase the version number to foo")
  6. Create tarball ( VERSION)
  7. Tag the new version in git (Use the changelog as commit msg, first line is "ZNC")
    1. git tag -s HEAD
  8. Bump version number to foo+1. (Commit msg: "Increase the version number to foo+1")
  9. Update the wiki
    1. Move ChangeLog/git and create that page again.
    2. Update Template:ZNC-Version.
  10. Upload the release files to
    1. The files themselves go directly into archive/
    2. The main dir only gets symlinks
  11. Ping Kuja to update
  12. Update version number on Wikipedia.