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Some features support variable-like strings.

Expand Strings

Variable Value Sample output
%user% the ZNC user name
%nick% the current nick
%defnick% the default nick, as specified in the config
%altnick% the alternate nick, as specified in the config
%realname% the realname, as specified in the config
%ident% the ident
%vhost% the current vhost
%bindhost% the current bindhost
%time% the current time (can be used for CTCP TIME replies) Sat Oct 21 22:13:08 2006
%uptime% the current uptime 1w 2d 4h 20m 27s
%version% ZNC's version string 1.6.1+deb1
%znc% (since 1.6.3) ZNC's name and website, optionally with version,
depending on "Hide version" setting

Features that support expand strings

Expand strings can be used with many ZNC features. The following is a list of some features that accept expand strings.

Config Options
  • CTCPReply
  • MOTD