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| %uptime%
| %uptime%
| [[ZNC|ZNC's]] uptime
| [[ZNC|ZNC's]] uptime
| %znc%
| replaced with ''All your IRC are belong to ZNC''
| %random%
| replaced with ''42''

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Some features (e.g. the perform and awaynick modules and the CTCPReply and (starting with version 0.090) MOTD config options) support some variable-like strings. Here is a list of these:

Variable Value
 %user% your user name
 %defnick% your default nick
 %nick% the current nick
 %altnick% the alternate nick as specified in the config
 %ident% the ident
 %realname% the realname
 %vhost% the current vhost
 %bindhost% the current bindhost
 %version% ZNC's version string
 %time% the current time (can be used for CTCP TIME replies)
 %uptime% ZNC's uptime