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This module is intended for admins who run a Drupal website and want to provide ZNC access to their existing users. By using this module, when your users login to ZNC - either with their IRC client or via the webadmin module - their password will be checked against your Drupal database instead of the ZNC config file. If configured so, it can also fall back to the local config file.

You can specify the irc server that newly imported users should connect to and the channel they should join.

The module currently supports the MySQL database only. A PostgreSQL version is in the works.



This global module takes six required, one optional arguments.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.

The module expects these space separated arguments, in this order

<DB user> <DB password> <DB host> <DB name> <IRC server> <Channel name> [Authentication Order]

  • DB user: the username for your Drupal database
  • DB password: the password for your Drupal database
  • DB host: the hostname of the server running your Drupal database
  • DB name: the database name of your Drupal database
  • IRC server: the IRC server to connect imported Drupal users to
  • Channel name: the default channel imported users should join
  • Auth order: the order the module should use to authenticate: valid parameters are "local" and "drupal", separated by a comma and no space. Optional; defaults to local only.

Drupal Configuration Hint[edit]

This skin is a slightly modified version of ice. It removes the ability to edit the username and slightly simplifies the interface. It incorporates jquery and collapsible fieldsets. It works well in a Thickbox popup, as on this page. For complete integration, also install MySQL_Log and the Drupal log viewer.

Non-Drupal Usage[edit]

This module can currently be easily converted to use a non Drupal database, simply modify the query. However, I plan to integrate it more fully, allowing for a certain degree of control from within Drupal (e.g., allowing access to a specific user role only).


  • Because this module creates a local user, if you install and use this module and then remove it, you should be aware that each imported user will still be able to log in to your bouncer.
  • This currently allows all users of your Drupal site to connect. Be careful that you do not exceed connection limits of your IRC server.


Build with

LIBS=-lmysqlclient znc-buildmod drupalauth.cpp


Please contact Ben Ford with any questions or comments.