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The per-client channels module attempts to isolate connected clients, so that each client connection looks like a separate connection to the target IRC server.

Currently, the extent of this isolation extends to the list of joined channels, so that each client only sees the list of (and activity from) the channels that it asked to join.

The source code is available on GitHub. Problems should be reported to the GitHub repository's issue tracker. See also instructions for compiling modules.


When this module is enabled, ZNC no longer causes clients to join channels upon connecting. Instead, clients can join the channels that they want to be in, as when connecting directly to a regular IRC server (IRC clients' channel auto-join feature can be useful here).

The module will keep ZNC in a channel as long as there are any clients with a channel open. When the last client leaves a channel, ZNC parts from the IRC server channel as well.

An exception to the above can be created by adding a saved + detached + enabled channel to the ZNC configuration. ZNC will join these channels when connecting to the IRC server, and the module will not cause ZNC to part from it when the last client does.

Note that because this module is incompatible with the chansaver module, as the two have conflicting goals.



This network module takes no arguments.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.


This module doesn't have any commands.