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← 1.7.5 ZNC 1.8.0 1.8.1 →


  • Output of various commands (e.g. /znc help) was switched from a table to a list (#1657) (#1662)
  • Support IP while verifying SSL certificates (#1504)


  • Fix parsing of channel modes when the last parameter starts with a colon, improving compatibility with InspIRCd v3 (#1637) (#1684)
  • Fix null dereference on startup when reading invalid config (#1585)
  • Don't show server passwords on ZNC startup (#1599)
  • Fix build with newer OpenSSL (#1688)
  • Fix in-source CMake build
  • Fix echo-message for *status (#1705)



  • Refactor the way how SSL certificate is checked to simplify future socket-related refactors (#1697)
  • Build integration test and ZNC itself with the same compiler (
  • Various improvements for translation CI
  • Normalize variable name sUserName/sUsername (#1546)