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// TODO: cleanup this list, reorder, recategorize, fix grammar


  • Added pyeval module
  • Added stripcontrols module (#387)
  • Added ClearAllBuffers command (#852)
  • Build on macOS using ICU, Python, and OpenSSL from Homebrew, if available (#894)
  • Support discovery of tcl 8.6 during ./configure
  • Configs written before ZNC 0.206 can't be read anymore (#929)
  • Don't require CSRF token for POSTs if the request uses HTTP Basic auth. (#946)
  • Implement IRCv3.2 echo-message capability on the "client side" (#950)
  • Implement IRCv3.2 cap-notify, away-notify, account-notify, extended-join {{GH|315) (#316)
  • Update capability names as they are named in IRCv3.2: ""→"server-time", ""→"batch". Old names will continue working for a while, then will be removed in some future version.
  • Make ZNC request server-time from server when available (#839)
  • Bump accepted line length from 1024 to 2048 to give some space to message tags
  • Add a setting to change ping timeout time, decrease the default values to fix issues when being behind NAT (#979)
  • Separate chan and query buffer size settings (#967)
  • Add an %empty% substitution in ExpandString that expands to the empty string. (#1049)
  • Add %network% to ExpandString (#1139)
  • Add /attach command for symmetry with /detach. Unlike /join it allows wildcards.
  • Set HttpOnly for session cookies (#1077)
  • Stop defaulting real name to "Got ZNC?" (#818)
  • Change output during startup (#1124)
  • show new server name when jumping server (#1147)
  • support separate SSLKeyFile and SSLDHParamFile configuration (#1192)
  • Add SNI SSL client support (#1200)
  • Add support for CIDR notation in allowed hosts list and in trusted proxy list (#207) (#1219)
  • Add CMake build. Minimum supported CMake version is 3.1. For now ZNC can be built with either CMake or autoconf. In future autoconf is going to be removed.
  • Make ZNC UI translateable to different languages, add Russian translation.
  • Add network-specific config for cert validation in addition to user-supplied fingerprints: TrustAllCerts, defaults to false, and TrustPKI, defaults to true. (#866)
  • Hide passwords in listservers output (#1320)


  • Revert tables to how they were in ZNC 1.4 (#914)
  • Remove flawed Add/Del/List/BindHost(s). SetBindHost still works. (#983)
  • Match channel names and hostmasks case-insensitively in several modules (#822)
  • Fix crash in shell module which happens if client disconnects at a wrong time (#1248)
  • Don't rewrite config in a tight loop when joining channels, add config write delay setting (#1250)
  • modperl: fix reloading of module which couldn't be loaded before
  • modperl: Explain modperl that ZNC uses UTF-8 internally
  • Always send the users name in NOTICE when logging in. (#1282)


  • adminlog: make path configurable (#1001)
  • alias: add DUMP command to copy your config between users (#1114)
  • awaystore: add -chans option which records channel highlights (#851)
  • blockmotd: add GetMotd command (#783)
  • clearbufferonmsg: add options which events trigger clearation of buffers. (#825)
  • controlpanel: add the DelServer command. (#810)
  • controlpanel: add $user and $network aliases (#847)
  • controlpanel: Allow reseting channel specific AutoClearChanBuffer and BufferSize settings by setting them to "-" (#990)
  • crypt: cover notices, actions and topics (#813)
  • crypt: Don't use the same or overlapping NickPrefix as StatusPrefix (#1377)
  • crypt: Add DH1080 key exchange (#1378)
  • fail2ban: make timeout and attempts configurable, add BAN, UNBAN and LIST commands (#534)
  • flooddetach: detach on nick floods (#941)
  • keepnick: improve behaviour by listening to ircd-side numeric errors (#945)
  • log: Add -timestamp option (#978)
  • log: Add options to hide joins, quits and nick changes. (#601)
  • log: stop forcing username and network name to be lower case in filenames (#1171)
  • modperl: provide operator "" for ZNC::String
  • modpython: Disable legacy encoding mode when modpython is loaded. (#1229)
  • nickserv: use /nickserv identify by default instead of /msg nickserv. (#786)
  • nickserv: support messages from X3 services (#1322)
  • notify_connect: Show client identification (#1195)
  • sasl: add web interface (#910)
  • sasl: enable all known mechanisms by default (#938)
  • sasl: Make the first requirement for SET actually mandatory, return information about settings if no input for SET (#1338)
  • simple_away: use ExpandString for away reason, rename old %s to %awaytime% (#1149)
  • simple_away: Add MinClients option (#1133)
  • stickychan: save registry on every stick/unstick action, auto-save if channel key changes (#881)
  • stickychan: stop checking so often, increase delay to once every 3 minutes (#1333)
  • webadmin: allow reseting chan buffer size by entering an empty value
  • webadmin: make tables sortable. (#40)
  • webadmin: Make server editor and CTCP replies editor more fancy, when JS is enabled (#145)
  • webadmin: show per-network traffic info (#963)
  • webadmin: make the traffic info page visible for non-admins, non-admins can see only their traffic (#1020)


  • Stop pretending that ZNC ABI is stable, when it's not. Make module version checks more strict and prevent crashes when loading a module which are built for the wrong ZNC version. (#1353)
  • Allow modules to override CSRF protection. (#1180)
  • Various HTML changes (#1308)
  • Introduce a CMessage class and its subclasses (#506)
  • Add module callbacks which accept CMessage, deprecate old callbacks
  • Modernize code to use more C++11 features
  • Various code cleanups
  • Fix CSS for _default_ for Fingerprints section
  • Remove --with-openssl option from ./configure. SSL is still supported and is still configurable
  • Add OnUserQuitMessage()
  • Add OnPrivBufferStarting/Ending (#1294)
  • CString::WildCmp(): add an optional case-sensitivity argument
  • do not call OnAddUser hook during ZNC startup (#929)
  • rehash now reloads only global settings (#929)
  • Remove CAP CLEAR
  • CChan::GetNetwork()
  • CUser: add API for removing and clearing allowed hosts
  • CZNC: add missing SSL-related getters and setters
  • Add a possibility (not an "option") to disable launch after --makeconf (#257)
  • Use termios instead of deprecated getpass().
  • Add an integration test (#772)
  • Move Unix signal processing to a dedicated thread.
  • Add clang-format configuration, switch tabs to spaces.
  • CString::StripControls: Strip background colors when we reset foreground (#1261)
  • Cosmetic
  • autoconf/makefile: alphabetically sort the modules we compile (#1358)
  • Alphabetically sort output of znc --help (#1367)