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  • New character encoding is now applied immediately, without reconnect.
  • Fixed build with LibreSSL. (#594)
  • Fixed error 404 when accessing the web UI with the configured URI prefix, but without the / in the end.
  • znc-buildmod now exits with non-zero exit code when the .cpp file is not found. (#1226)
  • Fixed znc-buildmod on Cygwin.
  • ExpandString got expanded. It now expands %znc% to ZNC <version> -, honoring the global "Hide version" setting.
  • Default quit message is switched from ZNC <version> - to %znc%, which is the same, but "automatically" changes the shown version when ZNC gets upgraded. Before, the old version was recorded in the user's quit message, and stayed the same regardless of the current version of ZNC. (#1244)


  • modperl:
    • Fixed a memory leak. (#1017)
  • sasl:
    • Added an option to show which mechanisms failed or succeeded. (#770)
  • webadmin:
    • Fixed an error message on invalid user settings to say what exactly was invalid. (#1163)
    • No more autocomplete password in user settings. It led to an error when ZNC thought the user is going to change a password, but the passwords didn't match. (#1163)