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This release is done to fix a denial of service attack through webadmin. After authentication, users can crash znc through a use-after-delete. Additionally, a number of fixes and nice, low-risk additions from our development branch is included.

In detail, these are:


  • Warn people that making znc listen on port 6667 might cause problems with some web browsers.
  • Always generate a SSL certificate during --makeconf.
  • Don't create ~/.znc/modules if it doesn't exist yet.
  • Stop asking for a bind host / listen host in --makeconf. People who don't want wildcard binds can configure this later.


  • Ignore trailing whitespace in /znc jump arguments.
  • Change formatting of startup messages so that we never overwrite part of a message when printing the result of an action.
  • Fix configure on non-bash shells.
  • Send the correct error for invalid CAP subcommands.
  • Make sure znc-buildmod includes zncconfig.h at the beginning of module code.
  • Fix a use-after-delete in webadmin.
  • Honor the BindHost whitelist when configuring BindHosts in controlpanel module.


  • Make awaystore automatically call the Ping command when the Back command is used.
  • Add SSL information and port number to servers in webadmin.
  • Make nickserv module work on and
  • Remove accidental timeout for run commands in shell module.
  • certauth now uses a case insensitive comparsion on hexadecimal fingerprints.


  • Correct double output.
  • Add support for the MaxNetworks global setting.
  • Add support for the BindHost per-network setting.

modperl and modpython

  • Make OnAddNetwork and OnDeleteNetwork module hooks work.
  • Don't create .pyc files during compilation.
  • Fix modperl on MacOS X. Twice.
  • Require at least SWIG 2.0.12 on MacOS X.


  • Cache list of available timezones instead of re-reading it whenever it is needed.
  • Improve const-correctness.
  • Fix various low-priority compiler warnings.
  • Use native API on Win32 to replace a file with another file.
  • Add src/version.cpp to .gitignore.