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Last update at fbe2b7403a5e4236f65da79e4340f7ebd373270a

  • Make znc compile without getopt_long Template:Git
  • Make znc.cpp to be compilable again. Template:Git
  • Remove some evil trailing whitespaces Template:Git
  • Increase the version number to 0.099 Template:Git
  • Remove some pointless if statements Template:Git
  • Add a "Get" command to the notes module which allows you to lookup a note via the key Template:Git
  • Remove a unnecessary check for sed inside znc-buildmod Template:Git
  • Move module data files to own dir. Template:Git
  • Make the autoattach module use the new CModCommand API Template:Git
  • Use a CTable to list all the commands to be performed in the perform module Template:Git
  • Update the perform command to use CModCommand Template:Git
  • Upgrade the away module to the new CModCommand interface Template:Git
  • Load parameter for log module's path Template:Git