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This release fixes {{CVE|2012-0033}} [] [] [].
This release fixes {{CVE|2012-0033}} [] [] [].
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* Send a <code>MODE</code> request when <code>JOIN</code>ing.
* Send a <code>MODE</code> request when <code>JOIN</code>ing.
* Block raw 301 in [[antiidle]].
* Block raw 301 in [[antiidle]].

Latest revision as of 09:56, 2 April 2017

← 0.202 ZNC 0.204 0.206 →

This release fixes CVE-2012-0033 [1] [2] [3].


  • Fix a crash in bouncedcc module with DCC RESUME.
  • Fix modperl compilation.
  • Don't use mkdir during install.
  • Fix compilation failures, which happened sometimes when an older ZNC was already installed.
  • Check for the swig2.0 binary too, instead of only swig.

Minor stuff[edit]

  • Unload modules in reverse order.
  • Don't send server redirects (numeric 010) to clients.
  • Make it possible to filter the result of the help command.
  • Drop @DEFS@ from the build system so that we don't force HAVE_CONFIG_H upon others.
  • Move autocycle to extra.
  • Handle raw 482 in route_replies.
  • Improve identfile's debug messages.
  • Send a MODE request when JOINing.
  • Block raw 301 in antiidle.