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New stuff

  • Add a DCCVHost config option which specifies the VHost (IP only!) for DCC bouncing. (r1647)
  • Users cloned via the admin module no longer automatically connect to IRC. (r1653)
  • Inform new clients about their /away status. (r1655)
  • The "BUG" messages from route_replies can now be turned off via /msg *route_replies silent yes. (r1660)
  • Rewrite znc.conf on SIGUSR1. (r1666)
  • ISpoofFormat now supports ExpandString. (r1670)


  • Allow specifing port and password for delserver. (r1640)
  • Write the config file on restart and shutdown. (r1641)
  • Disable c-ares if it is not found unless --enable-c-ares was used. (r1644) (r1645)
  • blockuser was missing an admin check. (r1648)
  • Sometimes, removing a server caused znc to lose track of which server it is connected to. (r1659)
  • Include a more portable header for uint32_t in SHA256.h. (r1665)
  • Fixed cases where ZNC didn't properly block PONG replies to its own PINGs. (r1668)
  • Fixed a possible crash if a client disconnected before an auth module was able to verify the login. (r1669)
  • Away allowed to accidentally execute IRC commands. (r1672)
  • Correctly bind to named hosts if c-ares is enabled. (r1673)
  • Don't accept only spaces as QuitMsg because this would cause an invalid config to be written out. (r1675)

Minor stuff

Internal stuff

  • New module hook OnIRCConnecting(). (r1638)
  • Remove obsolete CUtils::GetHashPass(). (r1642)
  • A module's GetDescription() now returns a C-String. (r1661) (r1662)
  • When opening a module, check the version number first and don't do anything on a mismatch. (r1663)