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New stuff

  • watch now uses ExpandString on the patterns. (r1402)
  • A user is now always notified for failed logins to his account. This now also works with auth modules like imapauth. (r1415) (r1416)
  • Added /msg *status UpdateModule <mod> which reloads an user module on all users. (r1418) (r1419)
  • A module whose version doesn't match the current ZNC version is now marked as such in ListAvailModules and friends. (r1420)
  • Added a Set password command to admin. (r1423) (r1424)
  • ZNC no longer uses znc.conf-backup. (r1432)
  • Two new command line options were added to ZNC:
    • ZNC --foreground and znc -f stop ZNC from forking into the background. (r1441)
    • ZNC --debug and znc -D produce output as if ZNC was compiled with --enable-debug. (r1442) (r1443)


  • cd in shell works again. (r1401)
  • Make WALLOPS properly honour KeepBuffer. Before this, they were always added to the replay buffer. (r1405)
  • ZNC now handles raw 432 Illegal Nickname when trying to login to IRC and sends its AltNick. (r1425)
  • Fix a crash with recursion in module calls. (r1438)
  • Fixed some compiler warnings with -Wmissing-declarations. (r1439)

Minor stuff

  • Allow a leading colon on client's PASS commands. (r1403)
  • CFile::IsDir() failed on "/". (r1404)
  • CZNC::AddUser() now always returns a useful error description. (r1406)
  • Some micro-optimizations. (r1408) (r1409)
  • The new default for JoinTries is 10. This should help some excess flood problems. (r1411)
  • All webadmin skins must now reside inside the webadmin skins dir or they are rejected. (r1412)
  • Watch now saves its module settings as soon as possible, to prevent data loss on unclean shutdown. (r1413) (r1414)
  • Regenerated configure with autoconf 2.63. (r1426)
  • Some dead code elimination. (r1435)
  • Clean up znc -n output a little. (r1437)

Internal stuff

  • CString::Base64Decode() now strips newlines. (r1410)
  • Remove CModInfo::IsSystem() since it was almost unused and quite useless. (r1417)
  • Some minor changes to CSmartPtr. (r1421) (r1422)
  • Added CFile::Sync(), a fsync() wrapper. (r1431)