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  • Print a message when SIGHUP is caught. (r1197)
  • Moved autocycle into a module. (r1191) (r1192)
  • New module call OnMode(). (r1189)
  • Added MaxJoins and JoinTries to webadmin. (r1187)
  • Fix channel keyword (+k) related mess up on Quakenet (RFC, anyone?). (r1186) (r1190)
  • Added new module call OnUserTopicRequest(). (r1185)
  • Also add traffic generated by modules to the traffic stats. (r1183)
  • Don't use but everywhere (hostname of *status etc). (r1181) (r1195)
  • Close the listening port if we ran out of free FDs. (r1180)
  • Add a config option MaxJoins which limits the number of joins ZNC sends in one burst. (r1177)
  • Bug fix where WriteToDisk() didn't made sure a fail was empty. (r1176)
  • Add ShowMOTD and reorder the HELP output of *status. (r1175)
  • Add /msg *status restart . Thanks to kroimon. (r1174)
  • Make --makeconf more userfriendly. Thanks to kroimon. (r1173)
  • Dont start a new znc process after --makeconf. Thanks to kroimon. (r1171)
  • Add CModule::PutModule(const CTable&). (r1168) (r1169)
  • Unify some preprocessor macros in Modules.cpp. (r1166)
  • Catch a throw UNLOAD from CModule::OnLoad(). (r1164)
  • A couple of bugs with OnModCTCP(), OnModCommand() and OnModNotice() where fixed. (r1162)
  • Quicker connects and reconnects to IRC. (r1161)
  • Speedup the CTable class. (r1160)
  • Update our bundled Csocket. (r1159)
  • Some fixes to modperl for hppa.
  • Move keepnick into a module. (r1151) (r1152) (r1153)
  • Split up some big functions and files. (r1148) (r1149) (r1150)
  • modperl now fails to load if it can't find (r1147)
  • Handle nick prefixes and such stuff from clients correctly. (r1144) (r1145)
  • Simplify the code connecting users a little. (r1143)
  • Fix partyline for users who are not connected to IRC. (r1141)
  • We are in a channel when we receive a join for it, not an 'end of /names'. (r1140)
  • Enable some more debug flags with --enable-debug. (r1138)
  • Don't ever throw exceptions in CModules::LoadModule(). (r1137)
  • Don't give any stdin to commands executed from the shell module. (r1136)
  • Fix some over-the-end iterator dereference on parting empty channels. (r1133)
  • Replace usage of getresuid() with getuid() and geteuid(). (r1132)
  • Use salted hashes for increased security. (r1127) (r1139)
  • Don't mention any libraries in znc-config. (r1126)
  • Don't define __GNU_LIBRARY__ for FreeBSD. (r1125)