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  • Fix a crash with NAMESX-enabled IRC servers. (r1118)
  • Fix a privilege escalation bug in webadmin if auth modules are used. (r1113)
  • Remove -D_GNU_SOURCE from our CXXFLAGS. (r1110)
  • CUtils::GetInput() now kills the process if reading from stdin fails. (r1109)
  • Properly include limits.h for PATH_MAX. (r1108)
  • Don't allow running ZNC as root unless --allow-root is given. (r1102)
  • Add more possibilities for ExpandString(). (r1101)
  • Autoattach doesn't allow you adding an entry twice now. (r1100)
  • Print a warning if PATH_MAX is undefined. (r1099)
  • Use ExpandString() for CTCPReply. (r1096)
  • Add Uptime command to *status. (r1095) (r1107)
  • Make --makeconf clearer. (r1093)
  • Add man pages for znc, znc-buildmod and znc-config. (r1091)
  • Perl modules are no longer installed with executable bit set. (r1090)
  • Crypt now forwards messages to other connected clients. (r1088)
  • Fix a theoretical crash bug in the DNS resolving code. (r1087)
  • Modules now get their module name as ident, not 'znc'. (r1084)
  • Handle channel CTCPs the same way private CTCPs are handled. (r1082)
  • Webadmin: Add support for timezone offset. (r1079)
  • Webadmin: Remove the *.de webadmin skins. (r1078)
  • Webadmin: Don't reset all channel settings when a user page is saved. (r1074)
  • Fix a possible crash when rehashing failed to open the config file. (r1073)
  • The instructions at the end of makeconf showed a wrong port. (r1072)
  • Throttle DCC transfers to the speed of the sending side. (r1069)
  • De-bashify znc-buildmod. (r1068)
  • Time out unauthed clients after 60 secs. (r1067)
  • Don't fail with conspire as IRC client. (r1066)
  • Replace CString::Token() with a much faster version. (r1065)
  • DenyLoadMod users no longer can use ListAvailMods. (r1063)
  • Add a VERSION_EXTRA define which can be influenced via CXXFLAGS and which is appended to ZNC's version number. (r1062)