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  • fixed UHNAMES bug (ident was messed up, wrong joins were sent)
  • fixed /lusers bug (line was cached more than once)
  • added disabled chans to the core
  • send out a notice asking for the server password if client doesn't send one
  • added ConnectDelay config option
  • added timestamps on the backlog
  • added some module calls
  • added basic traffic stats
  • added usermodes support
  • API breakage (CModule::OnLoad got an extra param)
  • added fixed channels to the partyline module
  • fixed partyline bugs introduced by last item
  • fixed a NULL pointer dereference if /nick command was received from a client while not connected to IRC
  • added a JoinTries per-user config option which specifies how often we try to rejoin a channel (default: 0 -> unlimited)
  • make configure fail if it can't find openssl (or perl, ...)
  • new modules: antiidle, nickserv