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← 0.045 ZNC 0.047 0.050 →

  • NULL pointer dereference when a user uses webadmin while not on irc
  • A logged in user could access any file with /msg *status send/get
  • znc --makeconf now restarts znc correctly
  • New webadmin skin (+ german translations)
  • Updated to new Csocket version
  • Allow @ and . in user names which now can also be longer
  • Added crox and psychon to AUTHORS
  • Relay messages to other clients of the current user (for the crypt module)
  • Added chansaver Module
  • Moved awaynick functionality into a module
  • Added perform module from psychon
  • fixed bug when compiling without module support
  • Added a configurable Timer to the away module
  • Added support for Topics in the partyline module
  • Added support for reloading global modules
  • Added a timer to ping inactive clients
  • Migrated away from CString::ToString() in favor of explicit constructors
  • IMAP Authentication Module added
  • Fixed issues with gcc 4.1
  • Added concept of default channels that a user is automatically joined to every time they attach
  • Added SetVHost command
  • Added error reporting and quit msgs as *status output
  • Added a server ping for idle connections - Thanks zparta
  • added -ldl fix for openssl crypto package. fixes static lib link requirement
  • Explicitly set RTLD_LOCAL, some systems require it - thanks x-x
  • Added SendBuffer and ClearBuffer client commands
  • Added support for to talk unencrypted
  • added with-modules-prefix and moved modules by default to PREFIX/libexec
  • Added license and contact info
  • remove compression initialization until standard has normalized a bit