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  • Added +o/v -o/v for when users attach/detach - partyline module
  • Changed internal naming of CUserSock to CClient for consistency
  • Fixed some issues with older bsd boxes
  • Added ListenHost for binding to a specific ip instead of inaddr_any
  • Allow - and _ as valid username chars
  • respect compiler, we don't force you to use g++ anymore, don't include system includes for deps
  • Added Replace_n() and fixed internal loop bug in Replace() (thanks psycho for finding it)
  • Don't allow .. in GET
  • Added autoop module
  • Added support for buffering of /me actions
  • Added Template support in webadmin now you can write your own skins easily :)
  • Added ipv6 support
  • Support for multiple Listen Ports (note the config option "ListenPort" changed to "Listen")