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The channel filter module maintains client specific channel lists for identified clients. A typical use case is to have a subset of channels visible to a mobile client.

The source code is available on GitHub. See also instructions for compiling modules.


When a client connects to ZNC for the first time, all channels are joined. The list of channels is automatically updated when the client joins and parts channels. Next time the identified client connects, it joins the channels it had visible from the last session.

This only happens to clients that are identified and added (see below).

Note that because this module intercepts /part, joining a new channel and then parting it in an identified client will leave it attached in ZNC (and other clients). Typing /part #channel another time will pass the action through to ZNC and part the channel on the network.


This user module takes no arguments.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.


ZNC supports passing a client identifier in the password:


or in the username:



Add a client:

/msg *chanfilter AddClient <identifier>

Delete a client:

/msg *chanfilter DelClient <identifier>

List all channels of a client:

/msg *chanfilter ListChans [client]

List known clients and their hidden channels:

/msg *chanfilter ListClients

Restore the hidden channels of a client:

/msg *chanfilter RestoreChans [client]