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This module lets users log in to ZNC using SSL client keys (CertFP).



This global module takes no arguments.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.

After loading this module, you have to reconnect to ZNC. You can now save your key fingerprint with /msg *certauth add. From now on you can log in to ZNC with any password but it cannot be blank. E.g. you can just send an "user@identifier/network:" as the server password.


After loading certauth and following the steps from ZNC's Cert page to generate SSL certificate, I connect with my SSL client certificate to ZNC:

/msg *certauth help
<*certauth> Commands: show, list, add, del [no]
/msg *certauth show
<*certauth> Your current public key is: 4da806d1fc3e8e24015e3764e8e4264e188d62aa
/msg *certauth list
<*certauth> No keys set for your user
/msg *certauth add
<*certauth> Added your current public key to the list
/msg *certauth list
<*certauth> +----+------------------------------------------+
<*certauth> | Id | Key                                      |
<*certauth> +----+------------------------------------------+
<*certauth> | 1  | 4da806d1fc3e8e24015e3764e8e4264e188d62aa |
<*certauth> +----+------------------------------------------+

Now I reconnect to ZNC again. This time, instead of sending "user/network:password" as the server password, I use "user/network:". Thanks to the SSL client certificate, I can now successfully login without my password!

Ensure you are logging in over TLS so that your certificate actually gets sent.