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Callerid is a network module used to make it easier to use freenode's "callerid" feature. The "callerid" feature allows you to set user mode +g and only receive messages from previously whitelisted users. Whitelisting users is done with /ACCEPT user, and un-whitelisting users is done with /ACCEPT -user.

This module intercepts the ACCEPT command and keeps track of who you've whitelisted. Whenever ZNC connects to IRC, this module will ACCEPT the same users as before.

The source is available on GitLab.


  1. Make sure modpython is enabled globally.
  2. Copy to ~/.znc/modules, or wherever you usually install ZNC modules.
  3. You can now enable the callerid module at a network level.

Once the module is enabled, the ACCEPT command will be tracked.


For basic usage, you will not have to interact with the module directly. It will silently track the ACCEPT command and maintain its user list. However, there are a few ways to interact with the module:

  • Verbose mode: Loading the module with "verbose" as an argument will cause the module to send messages whenever its list is updated, and on connection with a list of users that will be accepted.
  • User list: /msg *callerid list will return the list of users the module knows about.
  • Clearing the list: /msg *callerid clearall will clear the list, after confirmation.


The author is empty_string on freenode. They hang out in #znc and are happy to answer any questions you may have about the module.