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This module is no longer being maintained.[edit]

This global module provides the same functionality as the broadcast command (it sends a notice to all the users), but with a standard prefix.

Getting the Code[edit]

The code for this module can be found in my github or on the wiki



This user module takes no traditional arguments. The global notice prefix can be set via the the argument. There are no other arguments available. If you don't include one, it defaults to "ZNC Global Message: "

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.



Send a message with the set prefix.

/msg *broadcast broadcast MESSAGE


Change the prefix used to broadcast.

/msg *broadcast set PREFIX

This is easier than reloading the module, but will not save to config. To do this, you should reload with the message as a parameter, then use the *status command SaveConfig


Show the current message prefix.

/msg *broadcast show