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Autoattach watches your detached channels and reattaches you automatically when there is activity in a channel you added to your autoattach list. Read the page about detaching to learn about detached channels.

Autoattach considers channel notices and messages as activity.



This user module takes any number of arguments. Each argument is a mask for channel with or without ! before it. They are added to those which are added using add command, as explained below.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.


Command: Add [!]<#chan> <search> <host>
Description: Add an entry, use !#chan to negate and * for wildcards
Command: Del [!]<#chan> <search> <host>
Description: Remove an entry, needs to be an exact match
Command: Help search
Description: Generate this output
Command: List 
Description: List all entries


Autoattach can be controlled like this: Attach on activity:

/msg *autoattach add *

Attach on highlight:

/msg *autoattach add * *%nick%*

Never attach to channels starting with #chan:

/msg *autoattach add !#chan*

Remove the never attaching rule for channels starting with #chan:

/msg *autoattach del !#chan*

List the autoattach rules:

/msg *autoattach list
  • * in front of autoattach is the StatusPrefix set in your config file.
  • * inside a channel name is the wildcard character.
  • *%nick%* is wildcards around ExpandString that turns to your nick.
  • ! in front of the channel name will exclude the specific channel.