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This module filters so called amsgs (messages being sent to all joined channels) so that they won't appear in specified channels.

Getting the Code

The code for this module can be found here.



This user module takes none to many arguments. Each argument is either a channel you want to filter from amsgs (which can include wildcards) or, if it starts with !, it is an exception for the positive filters.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.



Adds a channel you want to filter from amsgs:

/msg *amsgfilter #chan

You can also use * as a wildcard. In this example, amsgs won't reach any channel beginning with "#foo":

/msg *amsgfilter #foo*

To add an exception (e.g. from the wildcard filter above), put an ! in front of the filter pattern:

/msg *amsgfilter !#foobar

With this exception, amsgs will be filtered from any channel beginning with #foo except channel #foobar.


Removes an entry from the filter list. The first parameter must be a perfect match on the filter. (Refer to the list command below to find out which filters may be removed.)

/msg *amsgfilter del !#foobar


Lists all added amsg filters:

<kroimon> list
<*amsgfilter> +----------+
<*amsgfilter> | Channel  |
<*amsgfilter> +----------+
<*amsgfilter> | #chan    |
<*amsgfilter> | #foo*    |
<*amsgfilter> | !#foobar |
<*amsgfilter> +----------+