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The aka (Also Known As / nicktrace) python module tracks nicks and hosts, allowing tracing and history viewing.


aka requires modpython, python3-requests, and sqlite3.


aka can be downloaded from GitHub. Place in your ZNC modules folder.



This user module takes no arguments.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.


Commands and documentation can be found on the README


<Evan> trace nick Evan
<*aka> Evan was also known as: Evan, MuffinMedic (unaffiliated/evan)
<Evan> userinfo nick Evan
<*aka> Last known information for nick Evan: Evan!~Evan@unaffiliated/evan (Evan) as of 2015-12-12 17:27:01 (added 2013-06-17 01:17:44) on server (Bavaria, Germany)
<Evan> channels nick Evan
<*aka> Evan was found in: #freenode #mnfh #znc #znc-dev
<Evan> sharedchans nicks Aww Evan
<*aka> Common channels between Aww Evan: #freenode #mnfh
<Evan> seen in nick #mnfh Evan
<*aka> Nick Evan (Evan, Evan!~Evan@unaffiliated/evan) was last seen in #mnfh 2 hours, 12 minutes, 57 seconds ago saying "Evan, yes" (2015-12-12 17:28:58)
<Evan> offenses nick Evan
<*aka> Evan (unaffiliated/evan) was kicked from #mnfh by Aww on 2015-10-27 07:32:50. Reason: Cookies > Muffins
<Evan> rawquery SELECT identity, channel, processed_time FROM users WHERE host = 'unaffiliated/evan' and nick = 'MuffinMedic' ORDER BY channel ASC;
<*aka> ('~Evan', '#freenode', '2015-12-31 14:07:20.102240')
<*aka> ('~Evan', '#mnfh', '2016-01-13 18:19:05.481288')
<*aka> ('~Evan', '#znc', '2015-12-31 14:07:27.336901')
<*aka> ('~Evan', '#znc-dev', '2015-12-31 14:07:27.902531')
<Evan> process channel #mnfh
<*aka> Channel #mnfh processed.
<Evan> stats
<*aka> Nicks: 130244
<*aka> Hosts: 209724
<*aka> Channels: 301


Issues/bugs should be submitted on GitHub.

For assistance, please PM Evan on freenode or Snoonet.