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For ZNC prior to version 1.0: or

For ZNC version 1.0 and later:

There is also a python module at - version compatibility unknown.


This network module detaches the channel instead of parting it.

This allows /close or /part to close a given window/tab in your client but makes ZNC detach the channel, instead of fully parting it.

To actually part a channel it must be parted twice, first part to detach, second part to actually part: /part #channel


If you chose the >= 1.0 compatible version, here is example installation (znc-buildmod required):

mkdir ~/.znc/modules ; cd ~/.znc/modules
znc-buildmod partdetach2.cpp

You can then load the module with /msg *status loadmod partdetach2

If you chose the python module, make sure modpython is installed and loaded, first. Then, place it as ~/.znc/modules/


There are no configurable options.


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