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Ctcp Notifier

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This module will notify you of CTCP requests you receive.

This is especially useful when you have custom CTCP responses set up with ZNC, as ZNC will not pass these requests through to your client. So you will never be aware of the fact that somebody sent you a CTCP request.


The source code of this module can be found here.

Follow the Compiling modules page to compile it.



This user module takes no arguments.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.


To issue a command, message *ctcp_notifier with the command you want to execute.

The following commands are available:

  • Help - show the list of available commands.
  • Add - Add a new CTCP request to listen to.
  • Delete - Delete a CTCP request we were previously listening to.
  • Setup [unload] - Tell the module that you want to (un)load all your current custom CTCP responses. By default, no arguments means it will be loaded.
  • Showall - Get notified of all CTCP requests, excluding CTCP ACTIONs.


Once configured, a notification will look like this:

<*ctcp_notifier> Replying to CTCP TEST by Nick (Nick!ident@

Contact Author[edit]

If you have feedback, suggestions, an issue or otherwise would like to contact the author of this module. Please create a new issue on the external module's GitHub page.