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The AKA (Also Known As) ZNC module tracks users and channels, allowing for in-depth inspection of their nick, ident, and host history across a network. Detailed lists of channels and users can be obtained, with the ability to cross reference multiple users and channels for commonalities.


AKA requires modpython, python3-requests, and sqlite3.


AKA can be downloaded from GitHub. Place in your ZNC modules folder.



This user module takes no arguments.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.


Commands and documentation can be found on the README


<MuffinMedic> history MuffinMedic
<*aka> Nick(s): evan, monstermedic, muffinmedic, studmuffin
<*aka> Ident(s): evan, muffin
<*aka> Host(s):, unaffiliated/muffinmedic
<MuffinMedic> users #freenode #znc
<*aka> Common users between #freenode, #znc:
<*aka*> Nick(s): aww, evan, muffinmedic, princessaww
<*aka> Ident(s): ~aww, ~cookies, evan, ~evan
<*aka> Host(s):, unaffiliated/aww, unaffiliated/muffinmedic
<MuffinMedic> channels MuffinMedic Aww
<*aka> Common channels for muffinmedic, aww: #freenode, #python, #znc, #znc-dev
<MuffinMedic> seen muffinmedic #znc
<*aka> muffinmedic (evan@unaffiliated/muffinmedic) was last seen in #znc at 2016-09-25 15:34:11 saying "AKA Version 2.0.0 is out!".
<MuffinMedic> geo muffinmedic
<*aka> muffinmedic (evan@ is located in New York, New York, United States (40.7143, -74.006) / Timezone: America/New_York / Proxy: False / Mobile: False / IP: 2400:cb00:2048:1::681f:4938 / rDNS:
<MuffinMedic> rawquery SELECT DISTINCT nick, ident, host FROM users WHERE network = 'freenode' AND channel = '#znc' AND time >= strftime('%s', '2016-10-09') AND nick GLOB '*muffin*';
<*aka> ('muffinmedic', 'evan', 'unaffiliated/muffinmedic')
<*aka> 1 record retrieved
<MuffinMedic> process #znc
<*aka> Processing #znc.
<MuffinMedic> stats
<*aka> Nick(s): 480885
<*aka> Ident(s): 375194
<*aka> Host(s): 1133737
<*aka> Channel(s): 686
<*aka> Size: 1050 MB
<*aka> Total Records: 2307418


Issues/bugs should be submitted on GitHub.

For assistance, please PM MuffinMedic on freenode.