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So... thats me. Nero. Nero Octavian Nemon Shiyaroku Bakugeki Itakura. Nevermind, no retard needs so fucking long artist name.

Status Chars:

  • α Buggy & dangerous to use.
  • β Testing
  • i Is planned
  • x Work paused, ask if you have interest


develop αx
Compiles Modules via IRC Connection and grep's for Data in /usr/include/znc
version βx
Stores CTCP Replies and compares them with older ones for recognizing Users on IRC
usercmd βx
Interprets ZNC-Side Usercommands similar to xchat user commands (no purpose, same can be done with script & statusraw)
ison βx
Checks via ISON and WATCH selected users online state.
localchan βx (Global)
Copy of partyline, but no fixed chan/users feature and support for LIST, WHO and NAMES

Modules that extends Statuscommands

script α
Adds the script Command for *status, enables execution of multiple commands at one time. Only useful in Combination.
statusraw i
Send raw IRC Messages over *status