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//TODO: need to reword almost every line here...

The Big News


ZNC users can now connect to multiple IRC networks at once. However, you still need to connect your IRC client multiple times to ZNC. Think about new users as "user groups", while new networks are similar to old users.

To login to ZNC, use user/network:password as password, or user/network as username. Also, you can switch between different network on the fly using the /znc JumpNetwork command. Ability to use 1 client connection for every network may be added later.

When converting older znc configs, each user gets a single network called "default" (of course, networks are not mixed between different users). This network is used when a client logs in without specifying a network, so existing clients can login to new ZNC without changing their configuration.

Users can create new networks up to an admin-configurable limit. By default, this limit is one network per user.

Existing user-per-network setups can be migrated to the new multinetwork setup using the /znc MoveNetwork command.

You can see a list of networks via /znc ListNetworks and /znc ListAllUserNetworks.


Timezone can now be configured by name, e.g. "GMT-9", or "Europe/Madrid". Old TimezoneOffset setting (which was the number of hours between the server's timezone and the user's timezone) is deprecated and should not be used anymore. Its old value is lost. The reason for this change is that the old TimezoneOffset was not trivial to count and often broke during switches to/from daylight savings time.

So if you previously used the TimezoneOffset option, you now have to configure your timezone again (via the webadmin or controlpanel module).

No more ZNC-Extra

Most modules from ZNC-Extra are now enabled in the usual installation. It was pointless to have them shipped in the tarball, but requiring user to add some weird flags to ./configure.

Antiidle, fakeonline and motdfile modules are dropped.

Away module is renamed to awaystore to better explain its meaning.


  • Don't try IPv6 servers when IPv6 isn't available. Use threads for non-blocking DNS instead of c-ares.
  • Fix debug output of identfile. Template:Git
  • Don't forward WHO replies with multi-prefix to clients which don't support multi-prefix
  • Send nick changes to clients before we use call the OnNick module hook
  • Don't connect to SSLed IRC servers when ZNC is compiled without SSL support
  • Fix check if compiler supports visibility
  • Fix compilation on cygwin again, including modperl and modpython
  • Support parting several channels at once
  • Fix a crash in admin (now controlpanel) module
  • Fix webadmin to deny setting bindhost not from the global list of allowed bindhosts.
  • Fix using empty value for defaults in user page in webadmin for buffer size. It used 0 instead.

Minor Stuff

  • Rename admin module to controlpanel to make it clearer that it's not the same as admin flag of a user.
  • Add protection from flood. If you send multiple lines at once, they will be slowed down, so that server will not disconnect ZNC due to flood. It can be configured and can be completely turned off. Default settings are: 1 line per second, first 4 lines are sent at once.
  • Modules can support several types now: a module can be loaded as user module, as network module and as global module, if the module supports these types.
  • Rename (non-)KeepBuffer to AutoClearChanBuffer
  • starttls (manually for now)
  • Improvements to modperl, modpython, modtcl.
  • Add timestamp to znc --debug
  • Listeners editor in webadmin
  • Rename saslauth to cyrusauth, to make it clearer that it's not needed to do SASL authentication to NickServ.
  • Modules get a way to describe their arguments.
  • webadmin: allow edit bindhost without global list.
  • Don't send our password required notice until after CAP negotiation
  • Rewrite the JOIN channel logic, dropping MaxJoins Template:Git (need to revert it?)
  • Support messages directed to specific user prefixes (like /msg @#channel Hello)
  • Show link to from web as a link. It was plain text before.
  • Webadmin: use HTML5 numeric inputs for numbers.
  • Add SSL/IPv6/DNS info to znc --version
  • Clarify that only admins can load shell module.
  • cyrusauth: Allow creating new users on first login
  • Clear channel buffers when keep buffer is disabled if we're online
  • send_raw: Add a command to send a line to the current client
  • webadmin: Implement clone user
  • autoreply: Honor RFC 2812.
  • Add 381 to the buffer ("You are now an IRC Operator")
  • identfile: Pause the connection queue while we have a locked file
  • Add ShowBindHost command
  • autoop: Check for autoops when we are opped ourself
  • Changes to partyline module
  • Check that there're modules available on startup. Check if ZNC is installed or not.
  • Modified description field for bouncedcc module to explain what the module actually does.
  • nickserv: support also's and rusnet's nickserv requests.
  • send 422 event if MOTD buffer is empty
  • route_replies: Handle much more replies
  • Clear text colors before appending timestamps to buffer lines, add space before AppendTimestamp for colorless lines.
  • Don't replace our motd with a different servers motd
  • webadmin: Add a "Disabled" checkbox for channels
  • Send a 464 ERR_PASSWDMISMATCH to clients that did not supply a password
  • Separate compilation and linking for modules.
  • Trim spaces from end of commands to autoattach.
  • nickserv: add ghost, recover and release
  • Warn if config was saved in too new version.
  • Backup znc.conf when upgrading ZNC.

Internal Stuff

  • #include <znc/...h> instead of #include "...h"
  • Add string formatting function with named params.
  • Python, perl: support global, user, network modules.
  • Csock: able use non-int number of secs for timer. Template:Git
  • CString("off").ToBool() shouldn't be true
  • Python: Override __eq__ to allow comparison of strings
  • python: Allow iterating over CModules
  • Add methods to CModule to get the web path
  • Rework modperl to better integrate with perl.
  • Store all 005 values in a map.
  • Python: Use znc.Socket if no socket class is specified in CreateSocket()
  • CZNC::WriteConfig(): Better --debug output
  • Slight refactor of CBuffer & CBufLine.
  • Implemented a OnInvite hook
  • Allow a client to become "away"
  • Create a connection queue
  • Set default TrimPrefix to ":"
  • Add a config writer
  • Wrap MODULECALL macros in a do-while
  • Don't require CTimer's label to be unique if its empty
  • Allow loading python modules with modpython (ex. modname/
  • bNoChange in On{,De}{Op,Voice} wast incorrect
  • Drop znc-config, change znc-buildmod so it doesn't need znc-config